Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cadillac Ranch, Los Colinas, TX (Irving)

Located at MacArthur and 114 NE side.
This is very unique one of kind restaurant with the 'Duke' adorning the wall behind the bar.
Wealthy Ranch owners will feel comfortable dining here as well as the ranch hand ~ by design.

The veggies are the best I have eaten anywhere, the grilled asparagus and the twice backed potato were simple 5++. The fried chicken we split was as good as the best anywhere. We had a problem with it - as this was handled quickly, graciously, and courteously. These folks just want to you to be happy and we are.

The Caesar - you know by now is my favorite one, was served with hyper fresh romaine served long and uncut, but were the inner core one crisp and light green. The dressing superb, the shavings of romano or percorino-romano were about 1/2 inch square - Aww man this was good eats...

You need to know that this one restaurant that is dedicated to serve as much as possible food from Texas, with over 185,000 ranches and 365 miles of sea coast, they don't have much problem finding the best. The greens, for example, comes from a special ranch in Stevenville, TX. Buck Creek Farms( Salad Greens) Stephenville, tX
The tomatoes are grown special at Grace's Heirloom Tomatoes Pecos, TX
Some of their non vegetarian goodies: Texas Quail Co. Bandera, TX

A live band out on the covered patio played popular and western music, a large gas log fireplace glowed on the faces of those relaxing around the out door bar.

We split the chicken, salad and the 2 veggies. We were stuffed.
With tip under $30

2 Very Happy Dragons 5

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cosmic Cafe, Dallas, TX

This has been the #1 choice of so many veggie lovers for so many years it is a fine place to eat.
Indian motif with statues and paintings everywhere and then some with bold colors of paint.

Some middle eastern and many Indian dishes with surprises.
simple tables, friendly service, but busy for lunch. A yoga center upstairs.

Located just north of the Turtle creek area.

Busy at lunch, park in the rear or call for advise, as they will tow your for parking next door.
It is a little difficult to park - better with small cars or tight European turning Mercedes, but leave your ranch truck at home.

This atmosphere fun, bright, and even a meditation and yoga room upstairs.

This a fun place to eat, and visit.

2 Very Happy Dragons 4

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Kalachandji's Vegetarian...

Located at the Hari Krishna temple in East Dallas, area for over 25 years serving the finest quality of Vegetarian food in the Dallas area.
This is an exotic atmosphere with food prepared with love and consciousness. It is a buffet the menu changes daily. Vegans will do well here, very well, as will vegetarians, and even one can do with out sugar ! yea for the anti fungal folks... too.

This a different kind of place - delicious, exotic, a bland American pallet to the hottest Indian will find something they like.

We can't say enough but go on an adventure, for lunch or diner.
If there's a draw back it is that it is a bit fun to find - if you're not familiar with the area, a parking may be a bit tricky as well.

2 Very Happy Dragons a 5 for quality, selection, health, atmosphere, friendliness.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Greenz: Addison + 2

Greenz is located right on the circle in Addison, Veggies will delight in the mounds of fresh greens, with baked brie in pasties, apple walnut or warm pear with goat cheeze salads. Vegans can play here too. Fine fresh made soups and now sandwiches too. Meat eaters have a choice as well.

We like it here a lot, but it is a bit to informal for after work comfortable sit down. The room is bright, airy, place your order at the counter, they will bring it to you.

Informal and wonderful, but just to eat, not so good to sit and read or have a long chat.

2 Very Happy Dragons 4

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Eden Bistro, Southlake, TX

NoW Closed Located on the main drag in Southlake, TX amongst many good restaurants, eateries, and pubs.
It has changed hands at least 2 times that I know of, and the present owners really go out of the way to make sure you are well fed and happy.

Many vegetarian choices and vegan ones to - you will be very pleased.

My favorite is the 'Summer Rolls' every one calls them something different. Here they are fresh salads in un-fried transparent wrap. A good way to get your salad, with peanut sauce that will please your stomach not kill you.

The Hunan chicken or veggie has good sauce and may be ordered in any heat style you prefer.
I liked the veggie version of the Thai spicy flat noodles in medium heat.

Nice white table clothes, a good bar, very clean decor.

2 Very Happy Dragons 4-

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spiral Diner & Bakery, Dallas, & Ft Worth

Located in 'Funkytown' Ft Worth and in Oakcliff (Dallas) this is a true vegetarian restaurant.
If you vegan you can eat her to your hearts content. While not up scale, food is well prepared, served with a smile, and with an interest to your health.

We found the prices a bit on the high side for the amount of food received, and smaller portions than restaurants serving similar but 'white' or not as healthy food. There's no comparable restaurant for vegetarians we know of. (Kalachanji's is buffet only, no menu to order from.)

This is mostly American food, with some middle eastern, and eclectic mix of others thrown in.
Great deserts and better sugars, but since honey is the only safe one (other than stevia and zylitol ) for anti-fungal eaters - they are not to be eaten -- but if you are into tasty and better this is the place.

If you are veggie you'll love this place, vegan too. But I have my doubts about your meat loving friends....

The college decor of the Ft Worth 'hippy' like for my memory - if it still works- is a little to noisy and I personally like a more relaxing decor. We will let you know about the Dallas one.

2 Very Happy Dragons 3+

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Wonderful World of Cooking, Carrollton Square

Located on the east side of the Old Town square in downtown Carrollton, TX this Breakfast and Lunch eatery is pretty good. Comfortable and affordable. Susan loves the chicken salad sandwiches.

Fair prices, fun location - go there after a Saturday yoga class ( a breath of yoga is across the street)
Grand food like the Beef Stroganoff, or the Chicken & Broccoli Crepes soups and salads all under $10. If you a veggie you can do well here, but vegans will have trouble.

Nice decor, a tea room atmosphere, worth the trip, you won't leave hungry.
Beware of the hand made deserts.... - WOW! Mon- Sat 11 A - 4 P

2 Very Happy Dragons (actually 1 Very Happy 1 drooling)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

India Palace Dallas, TX

Located South of I635 on Preston Rd. This is the land of many really fine eateries.
It is a bit old and the carpet is not one I would like to do my yoga on, the bathrooms are not as clean as the mansion on turtle creek, but the food choices are really great.

Many good Indian restaurants to choose from in Dallas, you can read about some other favorites of ours too; this ranks as our favorite because the heat in our range of tasty and zippy. There are usually several good vegetarian choices, in addition to the dhals or lentil dishes. Like lentil dumplings in a yogurt sauce, cheese in a curry sauce. (note on this cheese it is like a farmers cheese and for 'o' blood types and those on the anti - fungal diet, this is only type permitted.)
There are veggie fritters sometimes, in a variety of fine sauces. Sometime potatoes, but always a good choice. My personal favorite are there several kinds of Dosa included with the buffet - you ask for them as they are made fresh to order. The spice southern Indian Masala Dosa with mashed potatoes and ususaly peas, is the one I consistantly order. Oh, the sambar - or light spicy broth and the coconut chutny go well with this.

There tandoori chicken is pretty good, as are the other chicken tika, curried chicken and other meats, like lamb, beef, even prawns. I really let Susan sample most of these, when she's in mood as I am too much engrossed in all the veggie delights.

Sunday Buffet is our time to enjoy as there are the most selections.

our favorite sit down Indian Buffet in Dallas. Really because of the variety, and consistancy.

2 Very Happy Dragons 4+

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Egg & I N Dallas, TX

Located on Arapaho and Noel trail, Addison.
Very clean and non Texan looking, looks more like back east or midwestern, a chain. Food is good, atmosphere is comfortable. Pleasant colorful decor. The only one is North Texas.

Dosen't have good to Susan's taste on the corned beef hash - way too much salt. Not much for a veggie eater, but would work; Good American Breakfast. Open for lunch too. Mostly 'white' things.
Friendly staff,

1 Happy Dragon 2+

Dream Cafe, Addison, TX


Upscale more healthy American food; no hormone chicken, good breads, egg dishes, unique middle-eastern dishes, a burger in a whole wheat pita if you want it.

the only drawback is it takes way to long to get served, it just doesn't feel clean, like an older building with the funny AC vents - it is all fine, though. We like to sit outside in the early morning, taking our nice time about it all.

2 Very Happy Dragon's 4 Breakfast all day - Dinner.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Champps, Addison, TX

Located in the heart of Addison right on Beltline Rd. at Quarum. This is a wonderfully hidden veggie place and an unusual environment to find great vegetarian food.
Yes this is a carnivore heaven. BBQ, fish, chili, steaks and more...
Grand Hamburgers - 2nd only by a hair to the Grand Lux at the Galleria - with plenty of fat french fries, or onion rings - these are #1 that I have found. Great Fish, fried chicken, french onion soup, and the chili is pretty darn good.
Where are the veggies - I mentioned they are hidden...
I get with the burger, the grilled veggies - just really great.
Yea, its mashed potatos and salads and the grilled veggies, but a veggie -even a vegan would be happy here if you want a sports bar atomosphere.
They just redid the large screens and they are better to view. I like the extereem sports video they play. We don't care for sports, much.

We go there because we like the fried chicken on their fine salads.
The staff is fast and sometimes hard to find, but they will take care of you.
It is clean. When there's a big game check out the fancy cars in the parking lot.

2 Very Happy Dragons 4 +

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cindy's Restaraunt, Addison, TX

Located on Midway in Addison south of the airport area. Great Jewish NY Deli style place with lox, cream cheeses, fresh bagels, eggs any way you like them and Susan's favorite Corned beef hash. This place is main stream NY food - mostly 'white' but our 2nd best choice for breakfast after the Dream Cafe. We like this one because it is quick, and clean, consistent, tasty Breakfast and lunch place. You won't get sick here. Country Atmosphere.

For the veggie minded there's a good choice unless you are vegan and stick to hummus, and veggies - you can do both.

2 Very Happy Dragons a 4 and we go as often as we can. ( which is about 1ce every few months)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Agave Azul ~Mexican Kitchen & tequilla bar, Carrollton, TX

Located in Old Town Square, Carrollton, TX this place is worth getting to. The ambiance is old Mexico, but very clean. One large room - a bit noisy like most are; friendly wait staff and family owned; You are well taken care of with pride of ownership, even though our waitress was not family ~ They leave to your conversation. This is import to us.

The name is Blue Agave named after the tequilana-weber agave azul from which tequila is made. Everything is made fresh from scratch ~ you can really tell; the sopapillas are drizzled with Agave nectar. I can't drink tequilla anymore, because I liked it too much in Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico; if you do you may want to try out their 100% agave tequilla bar.

Upscale food Mexican as well as a Texmex menu. I was impressed with the fluffy white rice, with small green flakes of fresh leaves of either cilantro or parsley - couldn't tell - but I don't like dry rice - this was my kind; I'd go back just for the rice.

The fresh pickled red onions on Susan's fish taco plate - impressed me to. Some one took the time, to present a really good plate.
The handmade fresh corn and flour tortillas were grilled to perfection, not mechanical cutters here.

We stayed under $20 for both for at dinner, because, I ordered the tortilla soup - this one I do love - avocados? yep! Normally I would guess about $20 each with soup, main and desert.

Susan tried it after her Yoga Class across the street at Breath of Yoga on Saturday - and found the chips smokey - not to her liking. This time wonderful to us both.

Oh, did I mention the salsa? Oh, my the salsa is a warm dark tomato salsa with mild to medium heat - (mild by Santa Fe standards) I ordered extra for the fresh tortillas with butter. Yummy...

in a word - GO !

2 Very Happy Dragons a 5 easily.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bankok Orchid, Irving, TX

Located along 183 and Beltline RD this place is full of live plants, orchids, and colorful setting and very delicious food.
Here's the story form their web site:

Bangkok Orchid is the story of two friends with a common passion for food. Danny and Thong’s love of the kitchen and fervor for creating unique epicurean delights for friends and family culminated in the opening of their first restaurant: Bangkok Orchid. Danny and Thong want you to experience the taste of authentic Thai cuisine in an elegant, warm, yet comfortable casual setting, presented with our signature orchid in a vibrant array of colors so typical of Thailand.

We agree, the feelings are warm and easy, wait staff let you be yet keep you happily served. Their pad thai is realy very good, as is the fish dishes. We like the fresh unfried spring rolls, and this place is truly a veggie lovers heaven, with a rainbow of spice possiblities.

2 Very Happy Dragons 4+

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Carrabas, Carrolton, TX

Located on the N Dallas Tollway at Trinity Mills Rd, You can spot this one with all of the trees, bushes and shrubs on the roof. 4 locations in the DFW metroplex but almost nation-wide.
These two Damian & Johny know how to set up a place to eat. From Dmain's mom in LA, learning to cook Sicilian from her mother and mother-in-law ~ this is a family place. You can see pictures of them decorating the walls.

With a wood fired pizza oven, and grill, the taste of anything cooked on these is wonderful.

We like the vegetarian minestrone soup, that comes in bucket sized bowel for under $ 6. The sauteed spinach with garlic makes a great side dish and veggie lunch.

Be careful, however, as their bread is fresh from the oven, so hot you may burn your mouth. I order chopped fresh or roasted garlic to add the herb mixture & olive oil to dunk it.

There are many choices for a veggie but more trouble than worth for a vegan - but possible to do with the custom pastas.

I ask them to make a penne pasta for me with olives, goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, and pesto - yumm for under $9. Their chicken and cheese ravioli in a marinara sauce is fantastic. The chicken MEZZALUNA (Half moon ravioli stuffed with chicken, ricotta and spinach in tomato cream sauce $12), well ...

2 Very Happy Dragon one of our favorite eateries, 5-