Friday, March 6, 2009

Agave Azul ~Mexican Kitchen & tequilla bar, Carrollton, TX

Located in Old Town Square, Carrollton, TX this place is worth getting to. The ambiance is old Mexico, but very clean. One large room - a bit noisy like most are; friendly wait staff and family owned; You are well taken care of with pride of ownership, even though our waitress was not family ~ They leave to your conversation. This is import to us.

The name is Blue Agave named after the tequilana-weber agave azul from which tequila is made. Everything is made fresh from scratch ~ you can really tell; the sopapillas are drizzled with Agave nectar. I can't drink tequilla anymore, because I liked it too much in Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico; if you do you may want to try out their 100% agave tequilla bar.

Upscale food Mexican as well as a Texmex menu. I was impressed with the fluffy white rice, with small green flakes of fresh leaves of either cilantro or parsley - couldn't tell - but I don't like dry rice - this was my kind; I'd go back just for the rice.

The fresh pickled red onions on Susan's fish taco plate - impressed me to. Some one took the time, to present a really good plate.
The handmade fresh corn and flour tortillas were grilled to perfection, not mechanical cutters here.

We stayed under $20 for both for at dinner, because, I ordered the tortilla soup - this one I do love - avocados? yep! Normally I would guess about $20 each with soup, main and desert.

Susan tried it after her Yoga Class across the street at Breath of Yoga on Saturday - and found the chips smokey - not to her liking. This time wonderful to us both.

Oh, did I mention the salsa? Oh, my the salsa is a warm dark tomato salsa with mild to medium heat - (mild by Santa Fe standards) I ordered extra for the fresh tortillas with butter. Yummy...

in a word - GO !

2 Very Happy Dragons a 5 easily.

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