Monday, March 9, 2009

Champps, Addison, TX

Located in the heart of Addison right on Beltline Rd. at Quarum. This is a wonderfully hidden veggie place and an unusual environment to find great vegetarian food.
Yes this is a carnivore heaven. BBQ, fish, chili, steaks and more...
Grand Hamburgers - 2nd only by a hair to the Grand Lux at the Galleria - with plenty of fat french fries, or onion rings - these are #1 that I have found. Great Fish, fried chicken, french onion soup, and the chili is pretty darn good.
Where are the veggies - I mentioned they are hidden...
I get with the burger, the grilled veggies - just really great.
Yea, its mashed potatos and salads and the grilled veggies, but a veggie -even a vegan would be happy here if you want a sports bar atomosphere.
They just redid the large screens and they are better to view. I like the extereem sports video they play. We don't care for sports, much.

We go there because we like the fried chicken on their fine salads.
The staff is fast and sometimes hard to find, but they will take care of you.
It is clean. When there's a big game check out the fancy cars in the parking lot.

2 Very Happy Dragons 4 +

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