Thursday, March 12, 2009

India Palace Dallas, TX

Located South of I635 on Preston Rd. This is the land of many really fine eateries.
It is a bit old and the carpet is not one I would like to do my yoga on, the bathrooms are not as clean as the mansion on turtle creek, but the food choices are really great.

Many good Indian restaurants to choose from in Dallas, you can read about some other favorites of ours too; this ranks as our favorite because the heat in our range of tasty and zippy. There are usually several good vegetarian choices, in addition to the dhals or lentil dishes. Like lentil dumplings in a yogurt sauce, cheese in a curry sauce. (note on this cheese it is like a farmers cheese and for 'o' blood types and those on the anti - fungal diet, this is only type permitted.)
There are veggie fritters sometimes, in a variety of fine sauces. Sometime potatoes, but always a good choice. My personal favorite are there several kinds of Dosa included with the buffet - you ask for them as they are made fresh to order. The spice southern Indian Masala Dosa with mashed potatoes and ususaly peas, is the one I consistantly order. Oh, the sambar - or light spicy broth and the coconut chutny go well with this.

There tandoori chicken is pretty good, as are the other chicken tika, curried chicken and other meats, like lamb, beef, even prawns. I really let Susan sample most of these, when she's in mood as I am too much engrossed in all the veggie delights.

Sunday Buffet is our time to enjoy as there are the most selections.

our favorite sit down Indian Buffet in Dallas. Really because of the variety, and consistancy.

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