Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cindy's Restaraunt, Addison, TX

Located on Midway in Addison south of the airport area. Great Jewish NY Deli style place with lox, cream cheeses, fresh bagels, eggs any way you like them and Susan's favorite Corned beef hash. This place is main stream NY food - mostly 'white' but our 2nd best choice for breakfast after the Dream Cafe. We like this one because it is quick, and clean, consistent, tasty Breakfast and lunch place. You won't get sick here. Country Atmosphere.

For the veggie minded there's a good choice unless you are vegan and stick to hummus, and veggies - you can do both.

2 Very Happy Dragons a 4 and we go as often as we can. ( which is about 1ce every few months)

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