Sunday, March 1, 2009

Carrabas, Carrolton, TX

Located on the N Dallas Tollway at Trinity Mills Rd, You can spot this one with all of the trees, bushes and shrubs on the roof. 4 locations in the DFW metroplex but almost nation-wide.
These two Damian & Johny know how to set up a place to eat. From Dmain's mom in LA, learning to cook Sicilian from her mother and mother-in-law ~ this is a family place. You can see pictures of them decorating the walls.

With a wood fired pizza oven, and grill, the taste of anything cooked on these is wonderful.

We like the vegetarian minestrone soup, that comes in bucket sized bowel for under $ 6. The sauteed spinach with garlic makes a great side dish and veggie lunch.

Be careful, however, as their bread is fresh from the oven, so hot you may burn your mouth. I order chopped fresh or roasted garlic to add the herb mixture & olive oil to dunk it.

There are many choices for a veggie but more trouble than worth for a vegan - but possible to do with the custom pastas.

I ask them to make a penne pasta for me with olives, goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, and pesto - yumm for under $9. Their chicken and cheese ravioli in a marinara sauce is fantastic. The chicken MEZZALUNA (Half moon ravioli stuffed with chicken, ricotta and spinach in tomato cream sauce $12), well ...

2 Very Happy Dragon one of our favorite eateries, 5-

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  1. We visited here last evening, raining day in Dallas, after that wonderful veggie soup & fresh bread; the minestrone, it keeps us coming back.

    We sat at the pizza bar in front of the wood fire inside the brick pizza oven - the thermometer read 592 degrees; we loved it warmth on our faces. I ordered the mezzaluna again and lucky me I get the other half for lunch today..

    Susan ordered the lasagna and felt it was 10. We both shared the Cesar salad - we even watched them make it - rubbing the bowl first with garlic and all the goodies.

    We enjoyed the entertainment of observing all the various cooking functions from our vantage point. Watching the muscles cooking process was very interesting as they steamed them, cover the saute pan with another, sprinkled in the herbs, spices and drizzled in the white wine. Not for us.
    Even better than Emeral live on the HGTV.
    This was like sitting right at his table on his show.

    We have let out this secret - but please, and busy Friday eve - please reserve these seats for us - OK?
    Bon Apatite.