Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cadillac Ranch, Los Colinas, TX (Irving)

Located at MacArthur and 114 NE side.
This is very unique one of kind restaurant with the 'Duke' adorning the wall behind the bar.
Wealthy Ranch owners will feel comfortable dining here as well as the ranch hand ~ by design.

The veggies are the best I have eaten anywhere, the grilled asparagus and the twice backed potato were simple 5++. The fried chicken we split was as good as the best anywhere. We had a problem with it - as this was handled quickly, graciously, and courteously. These folks just want to you to be happy and we are.

The Caesar - you know by now is my favorite one, was served with hyper fresh romaine served long and uncut, but were the inner core one crisp and light green. The dressing superb, the shavings of romano or percorino-romano were about 1/2 inch square - Aww man this was good eats...

You need to know that this one restaurant that is dedicated to serve as much as possible food from Texas, with over 185,000 ranches and 365 miles of sea coast, they don't have much problem finding the best. The greens, for example, comes from a special ranch in Stevenville, TX. Buck Creek Farms( Salad Greens) Stephenville, tX
The tomatoes are grown special at Grace's Heirloom Tomatoes Pecos, TX
Some of their non vegetarian goodies: Texas Quail Co. Bandera, TX

A live band out on the covered patio played popular and western music, a large gas log fireplace glowed on the faces of those relaxing around the out door bar.

We split the chicken, salad and the 2 veggies. We were stuffed.
With tip under $30

2 Very Happy Dragons 5

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  1. We ate here with friends 2 weeks ago, such a delight. Fun Southwestern decor with Saguaro Statues / lamps, ponds, streams, attentive staff. Plus really great food. I stuck with Veggies and am very happy with them. All were enjoying their feast.