Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pasta Palooza, Unity Church, Dallas, TX

This annual event for $20 as a fund raiser for Singing Unity Choir, is the best deal in town for fine food, and singing wait staff, all volunteers of the Choir - for sure; All on Forest Lane.

Neil's meat sauce as one of 3 choices for the pasta toppings, is not to be missed, unless of course you are vegetarian, as Neil is the Choir director.

If you are vegetarian you have two choices: Susan's pasta premavera with Alfredo sauce, or Marianne's marinara. You will be in heaven after any of these 3.

The Cesar salad however I rate in the top 3 in this city. The others are professionally prepared and so close in my 5 star salad rating I could not distinguish one from the other as to which is better. This one is the best - I like the black olives and grape tomatoes added in - this on e I would give 5 Star if served on china.

the cake for desert was a white cake with a lemon cheese cake like filling 1/2 inch wide of the filling no less !... I am impressed, and stuffed.

Since Susan make the veggie premavera I am a bit biased. I just like meat sauce better than Alfredo. (Did you know that pasta premavera originated in NYC in the mid 1970's?)

We heard from country favorites, the King himself made an appearance, with a live band, Opera arias, pop favorites, show tunes, barbershop quartet, even live musical stage pieces acted in front of us.

I tell you - as this event is sold out, if you can get tickets for next years - buy them them NOW !
You can't get a better deal in all of Texas - and that's a big deal..

2 Very Happy Dragons 5 Star...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Gloria's, Addison.TX

Many Locations - lower Greenville, Addison, and Midcities, 10 in ~ DFW, each of three 4 we have enjoyed all have their own 'feel'. My fave is the Addison one, just off of Beltline and the N Dallas Tollway.

Plantains fried with sour cream; pupusas: corn meal with cheese or meat inside; black bean dip, lots of happy eating people, dancing and live music.

My Favorite is the grilled Cornish Game hen with black rice & beans with fried plantains.

Susan's is the tortilla soup - even the small 'cup' is a meal with heaps of chicken, potatoes, & slices of avocado - we are both 5 star on this soup.

Gloria's is one our most favorite places to eat. Drinks are available if one likes, live music at various time too. The food is wonderful, but veggies need to be a bit selective. Vegans if you eat corn chips, rice and beans you are in for a treat.

So a big 4+ with all the limitations of whiteness - flour, and sugar ingredients. Great place.

the waiters are really comfortable folks, attentive, yet keep out of your way, not pushy, nor invasive. This waiter thing is definitely a delicate line to walk, they need to get the job done, but to interrupt one's conversation to do it - I find is invasive and obnoxious. These folks do this dance very well.

2 Very Happy Dragons 4+

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ferrari's Italian Villa, Addison, TX

Located in Addison, on Midway Rd., just south of Beltline Rd.

This 5 Star rated restaurant didn't make it in our book. It is only our tastes, yours may agree with the many who feel it is 5 star. Francesco Secchi is from Sardinia, the owner and very gracious people.

The wait staff are friendly yet leave you to your intimate conversations.

The decor is marvelous, the food was as good elsewhere not more outstanding, it was very well prepared.

The Aniti pasto selection is unparalleled, but in the winter cold in just not our thing, so we took to the soups - very tasty.

Veggies can select well here.

The downfall for us is as with most Italian places, the whiteness of the pasta, the sugar. These in atmosphere like this will get us a 5 star rating but must give it a 4+

2 Happy Dragons 4+

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dixi House, Lake Wood area Dallas, TX

This one is located in what I call Lakewood Center, or a strip mall of restaurants, a fan repair store, bank, yoga center, and a few healers. Great area. Older East Dallas community.

The Dixie house one of Gene Street's, is sort of like a Black Eyed pea, a family place for sure, but fun with a bar, and old pictures on the walls. This place is not a corporate store, it has personality.

The best fried Chicken by Susan's tastes. Great veggies too: baked potatoes, black eyed peas, green beans, lots of choice if you are veggie lover.

Old city decor, dim lighting, many choices of entrees. $10 each with drinks, the bar is more, of course.

2 Very Happy Dragons a solid 4 + higher if it were a newer place.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Rise n1, dallas, TX

Located off Lovers and Innwood in N Dallas, TX, This place is first class. The souffles are beyond description if you've never tried on. There are breakfast souffles, lunch souffles, dinner souffles, and desert souffles. There's definitely a souffle you'll love.
decor is 5
service is friendly
food is a 5

Healthy? well many not the best as it is made with white flour and white sugar.
so while this is a 5 star restaurant we give it a bit less. Veggies can get along fine, if they don't mind eggs, and sugar, and butter. Vegans go elsewhere as the temptation is just too much.

Price is about $30 for two for lunch.

2 Very Happy Dragons 3+ based on the "whietness" of ingredients.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Madras Pavilion, Richardson, TX

Wonderful at about $12 a head for the lunch buffet. Totally Vegetarian, South Indian cuisine. Located on Coit and Beltline near Whole foods. The atmosphere is simple tables and booths with white tabel clothes. Very little in decor. Pleasant.

Wonderful goodies:
Rasam (pepper water)
Sambar - light veggie broth with hing or Asafotedia, lentils, veggies
Iddlys (fermented rice and lentils steamed like UFO's) ,
Masalla Dosha (crepes with spiced potatoes)
Curried veggies,
lightly fried doughnuts,
many more veggie delights.
The coconut chutney has been heated down - very nicely.

I would like them to take the sushi picture off their web site, it is misleading, I think.

The dried potato & veggie dish was excellent but to hot for Susan.
When she gets food too hot she just shuts down, loosing her appetite.
Susan does like salsa's though...

so we give this one low grade but if you like South Indian food - don't miss it...

1 Very Happy Dragon... 1 miserable Dragon
we a 2+ but for South Indian food lovers a 5 -

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Best Thai, Addison. TX

This restaurant is now located east of Midway on Beltline Rd. Comfortable decor, relaxing atmosphere. The food is well prepared inexpensive and very Tasty.

Brown rice, pad thai, fresh spring rolls, beautifully decorated, casual quiet, did I say relaxing? Yes, the wait staff is polite, quiet yet friendly.

We love this place, it is one of our favorites. Lots of choices for Veggies, and for meat & sea food lovers. Beer and wine are available, but the tea is wonderful.
2 Very Happy Dragons 5

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Babes, Carrollton + 3, TX

Babes has 1000's of visitors every month, tonight we saw why. the fun western decor from the out door fire pit with real wooden logs, the tractor seat bar stools, though no bar!, this is a wonderful family place, lots of young waitress running around, very friendly.

The fried chicken was really excellent, the pot roast was delicious. It is served family style, you pick the meat, the rest is brought out. Baking powder biscuits fresh out of the oven, real butter is served. The green beans, corn, mashed potatoes and cream gravy were done to the best we've eaten.
With 4 locations in the DFW MetroPlex, and 4 more in the surrounding areas, you can find one near you.

This is a fun place. The food is not greasy. But this is not on the antifungal diet. Well the roast beef would be and the green beans; just not the potatoes or corn nor the fried and breaded goodies.

If chicken is your thing go there for sure.

Babes is named after the owners wife, and it is her recipes that are used. They do her proud.
not much choice for vegetarian, but I'd go back for the green beans.

2 diners, 1 ice tea and 1 water was just over $25 we left a $ 4 dollar tip.

2 Happy Dragons 3 + 'cause little for veggies, but the food is great.
Great place, just not for our steady type of diet; we feel we can do
better for the price as well.

The Greek Cafe - Dallas, TX

Preston & 635 area. This cafe has gone through changes over the years we have been visiting it.
Now over that last 6 months at least that I know of it has transformed into a first class food buffet for lunch.

Many delicacies of Middle Eastern delight, but also some of other countries - I had stuffed green peppers there one day that reminded me of my Polish friends - I guess they could have been a Mid Eastern dish as well.

A little more in price, around on the high side of $10 or a bit more, but worth it for the very fresh food, meats and salads. It looks more like a garden party than a school cafeteria like some do. Good variety of vegetarian selections.

2 Very Happy Dragons 5-

Monday, February 16, 2009

Penne Pomodoro, Dallas, TX

Is located on the SE corner of Forest & Preston Rd. in Dallas, TX
Dinner for 2 runs about $30 - $50. The atmosphere is is upscale and comfortable, wait staff informal, friendly and personable.

The menu is traditional Italian, tasty specials, but limited for vegetarians. The Caesar salad was good, but I have had others more to my tastes. The seafood skewered grill was delicious, shrimp, white fish, salmon, scallops, zucchini grilled was spectacular, over twice mashed potatoes with skin, and bacon: all in a butter lemon sauce. All very fresh and cooked just right- But this was a special and grand. Susan doesn't like bacon in her mashed potatoes - I loved it.

The real success was the baked Ziti with tomato and Italian sausage. We are Ziti Freeks this is the best we have had anywhere - about $14.

The Italian bean soup was superb - Susan is the bean lover here, I really loved the taste myself.

From Wikipedia:
Penne (pronounced /ˈpɛni/ (UK), or /ˈpɛneɪ/ (US)) is a type of pasta with cylinder-shaped pieces, usually with a ridged surface with the ends cut on the diagonal. The same or similar shape is also called mostaccioli and Ziti, which also refer to particular dishes made from penne-shaped pasta.[1] Penne is the plural form of the Italian penna, deriving from Latin penna (meaning "feather" or "quill").
Pic credit:

We would go back and split the baked Ziti again.

2 Very Happy Dragons, but it has a price. We give it 5- (- Over our heads price wise.)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Cafe de France, Far North Dallas, TX

Located on Preston in Far North Dallas, this is a good choice. Not many vegetarian choices.

The sausage and 3 egg omelet was very good at under $8, tea fine, service attentive. a 4 all the way around- my beef (teehee) was the toast - no sourdough. All else was fine.
Susan enjoyed the traditional eggs Benedict, except she forgot to order her eggs done medium yolks.

For a nice atmosphere, and a variety of breakfast choices from around the world, for under $10 with coffee or tea. This is great place. Personable service by husband and wife the owners:

We actually have other favorite breakfast places, but this one is worth the trip.

2 Happy Dragons. overall a 4.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fadi's Middel Eastern, Dallas, TX

Several locations in Dallas, and Houston, TX Fadi's is wonderful with their wood fired brick oven for cooking white and whole wheat pita bread. You pick it up fresh right at the end of the line. For under $10 at lunch with a drink, you can get the whole buffet of many salads, cooked veggies, and meat selections.

This is a great restaurant for vegetarians to get their fill of many delicacies.

Our suggestions:
  • the giro sandwich in either the wholewheat pita or the wrap
  • or
  • the falafle in ww pita or wrap
  • &
  • a small salad.
  • One can get the small salad to go with 3 kinds of humus, baba ganush, eggplant, and at least 8 other choices of cucumbers, olives, tabuli, and greek.

You can save money this way and all are happy.
Want fresh juices like carrot, or orange?
they have this too.
Their staff is very attentive and friendly, continually upgrading all the dishes to keep them fresh.

2 Very Happy Dragons 4+

New New Buffet, Addison, TX

A family buffet - if you are looking for a happy eatery this is it. On a Friday eve it was $9.95 + drink with crab legs and fresh oysters, along with all the rest of their goodies.
We find that the fried dishes like the breaded yams are not greasy. The orange beef and chicken were quite good. Everything looked and tasted fresh. Even the small fresh made cream puffs for desert, and the coconut macaroons were moist .

Vegetarians would have a tough time here, only a few choices and the temptation is strong.

We haven't found a better buffet yet, but have found several not worth driving to.
The place was about 3/4 full at 8 PM. There were kids around of all nationalities with their parants, and I don't especially like kids - noisy and running around. I found them cute and fine this night.

No MSG that I felt| the food is clean, no blurry eyes | no upset stomachs

2 Very Happy Dragons. Food 4 | Cleanliness 4 | Service Friendly | Decor 2 |

Friday, February 13, 2009

Ali Baba Mediterrian Grill, Irving, TX

Need a picture of this place. Great clean food, no upset bodies except when I over eat - easy to do here. I do not care for grape leaves from a can those these may be; it is the soy oil that gets me.

These grape leaves,& Baba ghanoush (Arabic بابا غنوج bābā ġanūj) are wonderful: my favorites here. Humus is Susan's, as she is not an eggplant fan. I love sauces too, their cucumber & yogurt, tahini sauces are my choices. The garlic is great but very very strong; good to kill any virus you may be fighting off during flue season...

I usually can't get off the salad buffet. The main buffet has this very yummy small bean, yogurt with chopped onions and tomato dish; Spinach with garlic; 2 kinds of rice; chicken and beef kabob grilled to perfection; Lamb and beef giro style meat, and burger logs - I name them- grilled beef very tasty; a beef pie like square - a little dry but good. It is fairly busy there at lunch rush. We go just about every Thursday- worth the wait but time your arrival as they won't seat you until both parties are there.

2 Very Happy Dragons

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lavondou, Far North Dalls, TX

Tres bein, this is our favorite $100 dinner restaurant all included.
Located in far North Dallas on Preston Rd.

The teas are fine, (their afternoon tea is good too), the decor is french country side. The foods are prepared to perfection. We've had their beef wellington, and roast duck before. Excelantee...

But for Colin's Birthday dinner for 2 dragons we chose the roast pork and the fillet of sole. As you may remember Susan has to have her fish cooked just right or she won't enjoy it at all. She loved this.

Lavondou had a 3 course special for $39 (+plus drink and tip) Susan chose the soup: cream of broccoli and I the pate - the pate was good - I hadn't had one in many years. I would go with the salad next time or the soup - the soup was very fine indeed. I loved the pork with a prune sauce- a first for me- great dark thick sauce just a bit sweet, yummy with the pork.

Can't wait for the next special occasion.
2 Very Happy Dragons.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hong Kong Royal, Carrollton, TX

Colin's Sun returns dinner...

Wow I have never been to Hong Kong Royal when for 20 years it rested on Richardson's soil in TX.
It moved several times after a leaking ceiling caused a one month remodel forced by the land lord - and he charged rent anyway.

Now the location for a year and 1/2 is on the corner S E of Josey and Frankfort in Carrollton, TX in the old Joan Fabrics - very nice, simple, clean, atmosphere.

Susan and I were the only patrons. Susan had suggested we visit the restaurant for Chinese New Year's Day 15 Celebration yesterday. That is when the internet informed us of the change in venue.

Lots of white with red threaded decor, simple tables, and I loved the Dim Sum.
we ate 3 plates each - sharing all of them, naturally.
I liked the shrimp on green pepper with a black bean sauce. Susan felt this was ok, but preferred the shrimp and pork dumplings. They looked like little empanadas. The concern was they were prepared and microwaved - maybe - I don't know see rq's below.

The waitress, relaying their history of the moves, mentioned that on the weekends, at lunch time, a cart full of dim sum, passes by your table as it circulates the customers. Just reach out and grab some tasty morsels.

The prices on the whole, an vast menu.

One.5 Happy Dragons - with the suggestion that you try the Lunch wagon dimsum -

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hunan Dynasty - Valley Ranch

In Irving, North of I 635 on McAthure, just as you start down the hill to cowboy practice heaven.
Nice North side patio with heaters, and a back room over looking the NE quadrant to the horizon.
Artistic wood carving relief pieces decorate the walls.

Pleasant friendly waitstaff, not stuffy, not professional, a bit casual yet efficient.
Lunch specials filling and well prepared, tasty too.
Many Vegetarian dishes to choose from.
Under $10 each with a drink for lunch.
Clean Food.
California rolls we had are very good.
Many sushi dishes on the menu.
2 Happy Dragons.

Monday, February 9, 2009

May Dragon ~ Addison, TX

May Dragon on Beltline road in Addison, TX is owned by the Mayer himself.
My favorite dish is a roasted duck with a seafood sauce topping.
now for $20. As you enter, there pictures of the artful dishes on the wall, looking as an art gallery.

We started with a Sizzling rice shrimp soup with snow peas, water chestnuts, and more. I don't like shrimp much - however this was really tasty.
While there are many vegetarian choices we also selected the House combination dish. While it was very good, the duck would have a better choice for tonight, as this dish was a plated version of the soup.
Fun, Fun, Fun this was the 2nd to last day of Chinese New Year; we had two dragons dancing around the tables to the intricate drum beat of a local Martial arts studio. These dragons blinked their eyes, flapped their ears, wagged their tails, stooped down to floor, tickled you hair with their beards, touched the ceilings as the rose to their stretched height. We had little red envelops to put money gifts in to feed the dragons. They looked happy.

A visiting friend of the mayors from San Francisco, dressed in a beautifully embroidered teal Chinese dress, danced for us with 100 year old bamboo 8 inch strips, (handed down from her Grandmother,) used like maracas. She even taught us some Chinese. (Better than Italian in the loo !)

a wonderful time, wonderful food, cordial service.
2 Happy Dragons 4+