Monday, March 16, 2009

Spiral Diner & Bakery, Dallas, & Ft Worth

Located in 'Funkytown' Ft Worth and in Oakcliff (Dallas) this is a true vegetarian restaurant.
If you vegan you can eat her to your hearts content. While not up scale, food is well prepared, served with a smile, and with an interest to your health.

We found the prices a bit on the high side for the amount of food received, and smaller portions than restaurants serving similar but 'white' or not as healthy food. There's no comparable restaurant for vegetarians we know of. (Kalachanji's is buffet only, no menu to order from.)

This is mostly American food, with some middle eastern, and eclectic mix of others thrown in.
Great deserts and better sugars, but since honey is the only safe one (other than stevia and zylitol ) for anti-fungal eaters - they are not to be eaten -- but if you are into tasty and better this is the place.

If you are veggie you'll love this place, vegan too. But I have my doubts about your meat loving friends....

The college decor of the Ft Worth 'hippy' like for my memory - if it still works- is a little to noisy and I personally like a more relaxing decor. We will let you know about the Dallas one.

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