Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hong Kong Royal, Carrollton, TX

Colin's Sun returns dinner...

Wow I have never been to Hong Kong Royal when for 20 years it rested on Richardson's soil in TX.
It moved several times after a leaking ceiling caused a one month remodel forced by the land lord - and he charged rent anyway.

Now the location for a year and 1/2 is on the corner S E of Josey and Frankfort in Carrollton, TX in the old Joan Fabrics - very nice, simple, clean, atmosphere.

Susan and I were the only patrons. Susan had suggested we visit the restaurant for Chinese New Year's Day 15 Celebration yesterday. That is when the internet informed us of the change in venue.

Lots of white with red threaded decor, simple tables, and I loved the Dim Sum.
we ate 3 plates each - sharing all of them, naturally.
I liked the shrimp on green pepper with a black bean sauce. Susan felt this was ok, but preferred the shrimp and pork dumplings. They looked like little empanadas. The concern was they were prepared and microwaved - maybe - I don't know see rq's below.

The waitress, relaying their history of the moves, mentioned that on the weekends, at lunch time, a cart full of dim sum, passes by your table as it circulates the customers. Just reach out and grab some tasty morsels.

The prices on the whole, an vast menu.

One.5 Happy Dragons - with the suggestion that you try the Lunch wagon dimsum -

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  1. I love this place as well. Visited the place after your recommendation.

    Please feel free to let me know if there are any interesting places to visit, since I m new.

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