Monday, February 23, 2009

Gloria's, Addison.TX

Many Locations - lower Greenville, Addison, and Midcities, 10 in ~ DFW, each of three 4 we have enjoyed all have their own 'feel'. My fave is the Addison one, just off of Beltline and the N Dallas Tollway.

Plantains fried with sour cream; pupusas: corn meal with cheese or meat inside; black bean dip, lots of happy eating people, dancing and live music.

My Favorite is the grilled Cornish Game hen with black rice & beans with fried plantains.

Susan's is the tortilla soup - even the small 'cup' is a meal with heaps of chicken, potatoes, & slices of avocado - we are both 5 star on this soup.

Gloria's is one our most favorite places to eat. Drinks are available if one likes, live music at various time too. The food is wonderful, but veggies need to be a bit selective. Vegans if you eat corn chips, rice and beans you are in for a treat.

So a big 4+ with all the limitations of whiteness - flour, and sugar ingredients. Great place.

the waiters are really comfortable folks, attentive, yet keep out of your way, not pushy, nor invasive. This waiter thing is definitely a delicate line to walk, they need to get the job done, but to interrupt one's conversation to do it - I find is invasive and obnoxious. These folks do this dance very well.

2 Very Happy Dragons 4+

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