Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fadi's Middel Eastern, Dallas, TX

Several locations in Dallas, and Houston, TX Fadi's is wonderful with their wood fired brick oven for cooking white and whole wheat pita bread. You pick it up fresh right at the end of the line. For under $10 at lunch with a drink, you can get the whole buffet of many salads, cooked veggies, and meat selections.

This is a great restaurant for vegetarians to get their fill of many delicacies.

Our suggestions:
  • the giro sandwich in either the wholewheat pita or the wrap
  • or
  • the falafle in ww pita or wrap
  • &
  • a small salad.
  • One can get the small salad to go with 3 kinds of humus, baba ganush, eggplant, and at least 8 other choices of cucumbers, olives, tabuli, and greek.

You can save money this way and all are happy.
Want fresh juices like carrot, or orange?
they have this too.
Their staff is very attentive and friendly, continually upgrading all the dishes to keep them fresh.

2 Very Happy Dragons 4+

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