Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ferrari's Italian Villa, Addison, TX

Located in Addison, on Midway Rd., just south of Beltline Rd.

This 5 Star rated restaurant didn't make it in our book. It is only our tastes, yours may agree with the many who feel it is 5 star. Francesco Secchi is from Sardinia, the owner and very gracious people.

The wait staff are friendly yet leave you to your intimate conversations.

The decor is marvelous, the food was as good elsewhere not more outstanding, it was very well prepared.

The Aniti pasto selection is unparalleled, but in the winter cold in just not our thing, so we took to the soups - very tasty.

Veggies can select well here.

The downfall for us is as with most Italian places, the whiteness of the pasta, the sugar. These in atmosphere like this will get us a 5 star rating but must give it a 4+

2 Happy Dragons 4+

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