Thursday, February 19, 2009

Madras Pavilion, Richardson, TX

Wonderful at about $12 a head for the lunch buffet. Totally Vegetarian, South Indian cuisine. Located on Coit and Beltline near Whole foods. The atmosphere is simple tables and booths with white tabel clothes. Very little in decor. Pleasant.

Wonderful goodies:
Rasam (pepper water)
Sambar - light veggie broth with hing or Asafotedia, lentils, veggies
Iddlys (fermented rice and lentils steamed like UFO's) ,
Masalla Dosha (crepes with spiced potatoes)
Curried veggies,
lightly fried doughnuts,
many more veggie delights.
The coconut chutney has been heated down - very nicely.

I would like them to take the sushi picture off their web site, it is misleading, I think.

The dried potato & veggie dish was excellent but to hot for Susan.
When she gets food too hot she just shuts down, loosing her appetite.
Susan does like salsa's though...

so we give this one low grade but if you like South Indian food - don't miss it...

1 Very Happy Dragon... 1 miserable Dragon
we a 2+ but for South Indian food lovers a 5 -

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