Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Babes, Carrollton + 3, TX

Babes has 1000's of visitors every month, tonight we saw why. the fun western decor from the out door fire pit with real wooden logs, the tractor seat bar stools, though no bar!, this is a wonderful family place, lots of young waitress running around, very friendly.

The fried chicken was really excellent, the pot roast was delicious. It is served family style, you pick the meat, the rest is brought out. Baking powder biscuits fresh out of the oven, real butter is served. The green beans, corn, mashed potatoes and cream gravy were done to the best we've eaten.
With 4 locations in the DFW MetroPlex, and 4 more in the surrounding areas, you can find one near you.

This is a fun place. The food is not greasy. But this is not on the antifungal diet. Well the roast beef would be and the green beans; just not the potatoes or corn nor the fried and breaded goodies.

If chicken is your thing go there for sure.

Babes is named after the owners wife, and it is her recipes that are used. They do her proud.
not much choice for vegetarian, but I'd go back for the green beans.

2 diners, 1 ice tea and 1 water was just over $25 we left a $ 4 dollar tip.

2 Happy Dragons 3 + 'cause little for veggies, but the food is great.
Great place, just not for our steady type of diet; we feel we can do
better for the price as well.

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