Friday, February 13, 2009

Ali Baba Mediterrian Grill, Irving, TX

Need a picture of this place. Great clean food, no upset bodies except when I over eat - easy to do here. I do not care for grape leaves from a can those these may be; it is the soy oil that gets me.

These grape leaves,& Baba ghanoush (Arabic بابا غنوج bābā ġanūj) are wonderful: my favorites here. Humus is Susan's, as she is not an eggplant fan. I love sauces too, their cucumber & yogurt, tahini sauces are my choices. The garlic is great but very very strong; good to kill any virus you may be fighting off during flue season...

I usually can't get off the salad buffet. The main buffet has this very yummy small bean, yogurt with chopped onions and tomato dish; Spinach with garlic; 2 kinds of rice; chicken and beef kabob grilled to perfection; Lamb and beef giro style meat, and burger logs - I name them- grilled beef very tasty; a beef pie like square - a little dry but good. It is fairly busy there at lunch rush. We go just about every Thursday- worth the wait but time your arrival as they won't seat you until both parties are there.

2 Very Happy Dragons

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