Friday, February 20, 2009

Rise n1, dallas, TX

Located off Lovers and Innwood in N Dallas, TX, This place is first class. The souffles are beyond description if you've never tried on. There are breakfast souffles, lunch souffles, dinner souffles, and desert souffles. There's definitely a souffle you'll love.
decor is 5
service is friendly
food is a 5

Healthy? well many not the best as it is made with white flour and white sugar.
so while this is a 5 star restaurant we give it a bit less. Veggies can get along fine, if they don't mind eggs, and sugar, and butter. Vegans go elsewhere as the temptation is just too much.

Price is about $30 for two for lunch.

2 Very Happy Dragons 3+ based on the "whietness" of ingredients.

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