Monday, February 9, 2009

May Dragon ~ Addison, TX

May Dragon on Beltline road in Addison, TX is owned by the Mayer himself.
My favorite dish is a roasted duck with a seafood sauce topping.
now for $20. As you enter, there pictures of the artful dishes on the wall, looking as an art gallery.

We started with a Sizzling rice shrimp soup with snow peas, water chestnuts, and more. I don't like shrimp much - however this was really tasty.
While there are many vegetarian choices we also selected the House combination dish. While it was very good, the duck would have a better choice for tonight, as this dish was a plated version of the soup.
Fun, Fun, Fun this was the 2nd to last day of Chinese New Year; we had two dragons dancing around the tables to the intricate drum beat of a local Martial arts studio. These dragons blinked their eyes, flapped their ears, wagged their tails, stooped down to floor, tickled you hair with their beards, touched the ceilings as the rose to their stretched height. We had little red envelops to put money gifts in to feed the dragons. They looked happy.

A visiting friend of the mayors from San Francisco, dressed in a beautifully embroidered teal Chinese dress, danced for us with 100 year old bamboo 8 inch strips, (handed down from her Grandmother,) used like maracas. She even taught us some Chinese. (Better than Italian in the loo !)

a wonderful time, wonderful food, cordial service.
2 Happy Dragons 4+

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  1. We wanted a nice quiet dinner, simple soup, and BBQ spare ribs - just a couple of them.
    The new Mayor of Addison accommodated us nicely.

    We even saw Mr & Mrs Hunt there too.
    We ordered the soupy rice noodles with veggies.
    Very nice indeed.

    Wonderful evening Sunday night...